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Large Animal Services


At Graham Vet Clinic, we take great pride in the vast range of equine services that we offer.  We have all new updated equipment including a new digital radiograph and ultrasound machine. We perform the majority of our services on the farm including:
  • Lameness exams and Radiographs
  • Teeth Floating
  • Routine vet care (vaccines, coggins, health certs)
  • Soft tissue surgeries
  • Colic treatment
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • And so much more!

We offer more in depth services such as Equine pre-purchase exams and lameness workups. Our lameness workups use a team approach with the owner, veterinarian, and farrier to achieve the best possible results of having a sound horse

Reproductive services for large animals include ultrasound, palpation, artificial insemination and management of problem mares. We also assist in difficult births and breeches, and can do caesarian sections on cattle, sheep and goats. Once the babies are born, we provide a range of neonatal services for all species, including IgG testing for foals, foal plasma administration, IV catheters, feeding tubes, enemas and treatment for common complications such as hypothermia, hypoglycemia, infections and scours.

We provide a number of services to assist the dairies in the area. Those include:

  • Mastitis Treatment
  • Milking machine tests
  • Herd checks
  • In house milk cultures
  • DA surgeries
  • Rumen transfaunation

We provide various services as needed for small ruminants and pigs such as dehorning, castrations, prolapse repair, disease and parasite testing, x-rays, deworming, health papers and vaccines.